(the looming shadow of St. Peter’s dome) Besides the rough times I had with the infrastructural problems of Rome, I otherwise had a great time exploring history across all different time periods. There are some things in Rome that are simply incomprehensible at the outright: the Pantheon is close to 2000 years old. That’s long […]

(Castel Sant’Angelo) Let me preface by saying I originally thought Rome to be less distant from my comfort zone than French was, and I was terribly wrong. I spent the most amount of time in Rome of any trip so far – four days – so I will have short recaps of my days which […]

The most I had heard as word of advice prior to going to London was that it was expensive. The pound really does make things a pain. Primer. (St. Pancras Hospital) I visited London after not having spoken English in a regular setting for three and a half weeks. The first thing that was going […]

(Plaza de España) Two weekends ago I went to Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain, which basically means it’s seated in the heart of what you’d consider Pure, Sunny, Warm Spain. Transferred from snowy Paris to a land with palm trees and orange trees – what happened? Sevilla is one of those places that makes you smile as […]

I spent two and a half days in Barcelona, able to see some major sights and get a flavor of the local culture. I stayed in the Barri Gotic, Gothic Quarter, next to the Barcelona Cathedral and in an overall enjoyable area. It was in all ways the perfect contrast to the serious history of […]

(all photos taken by me, so sorry for some worse shots haha) Barcelona (yeah, a post with the title of “Paris” starts out with a digression to Barcelona) has two cathedrals which capture the awe of most its visitors: the Barcelona Cathedral, and the Sagrada Familia. The former is located within the gothic quarter (El […]

  A motif surrounds the unveiling of a city to new eyes, like that of an inspired writer or mad sculptor. It’s said that Michaelangelo no more “created” his sculptures than he “freed” the prisoners within, until a newfound David would stand proud and look out from his prior prison. That is Paris to me, […]